Plenty of Affordable, Comfortable and Beautiful Homes In Great Locations To Choose From

Tea Plantation

If sunny but cooling weather is your cup of tea, consider relocating to the Highlands in Malaysia. Cameron Highlands certainly has a lot to offer with plenty of fresh mountain air, green tea plantations as far as the eye can see, accessible roads to major towns, fresh local produce and quaint affordable homes to settle down in.

Plenty of Affordable, Comfortable and Beautiful Homes In Great Locations To Choose From 

Kuala Lumpur:

The capital city is the first port of call for most people passing through the country and as many Malaysians living in the further regions are attracted to the city for job opportunities. The capital balances the combination of being a modern metropolis and cultural city fairly well and KL offers all the comforts you wish for. The city is also convenient to KLIA and the LCCT-air links to the region and the world and has good transport and road connection to the rest of the country and the region. There are many good developments with plenty of facilities and certain development areas with matured and/or vibrant international community. Upon your arrival in Malaysia, we bring you around for you to have a feel of the developments which you find suitable and meet your needs.


Just across the state boundary in Selangor, life feels a little less crazed. There are parts of Petaling Jaya-the most prosperous region in the state for property-where secluded houses with views of lakes and parks exist, offering solitude and yet retaining good links to the highway network. There are many affordable homes here and most places are well-lined to give you easy access to Kuala Lumpur city centre and other suburban areas.


As the state offers island living in a city of rich with heritage and culture and some best food in the country. There is also a choice of excellent and well established international schools and thriving expat scene. Penang houses and apartment price are on the rise, and the cost of a 5-bedroom bungalow in the Batu Ferringhi area is comparable to a house in Bangsar in KL but with a sea view. Penag is a beautiful island steeped with history and rich in culture, food and heritage.

Johor Bahru:

The third largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, Johor has always benefited from its proximity to Singapore and offers a mix of modern culture and rural, coastal life. Johor is set to become a serious residential and commercial hub thanks to the Iskandar Malaysia Development and seeing superb residential areas built with many of these being snapped up by foreign investors. The Iskandar region also offers many campuses there while younger children will be more interested by the New Lego Land just launch in year 2012. Price start at around RM285, 000 for a 3-bedroom condominium, but can rise to around RM2.3 million for a house in one of the stunning new developments that offer facilities such as golf courses, shops and restaurants and 24 hour security for the resident community.


Known as a gem of history and heritage, Malacca attracts millions of tourists who flock there to admire the architecture that is, thankfully, well preserved, as Melaka became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. Melaka is a small, sleepy place during week but can turn more frenzied as the visitors descend on the historical streets at the weekends. That said, it still offers a far more relaxed life less than two hours from KL. There are a number of international schools and good hospitals in the area, so while finding work may be more difficult, the family is easy provided for. Property prices are far cheaper in Melaka than in the capital with 3 bedroom condominium starts from RM300, 000 and many new development projects are in the pipeline.

Kota Bahru:

A unique town up north in the east coast where houses are built in towns, villages and by the sea. It is the capital city of the state of Kelantan and offers unique attractions not found elsewhere in Malaysia. The locals speak their unique language of Bahasa Kelantan and the cost of living is very low yet the quality of living can be very good. Food is cheap as compared to many other capital city in other states. You can buy land by the sea and build your own villa. Kelantan boasts of beautiful beaches and has oil. timber and forest reserves amongst others. You have plenty of options from condominiums to landed properties to choose from.

Alor Star:

The capital city of the state of Kedah in the north-west. Alor Star is merely 45 minutes from the island of Langkawi (in fact you have to go through Alor Star to catch a ferry to Langkawi) and 1.5 hours away from Penang island. It is a friendly city with good infrastructure and facilities with excellent public schools for your children if you are thinking to enrol them in following the Malaysian Education System modules. It is a good place to bring up a young family and do your own business.Homes here are affordable with a good range to suit your preference.

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