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Retirees enjoying their evening walks while making friends with the people in their community, feeling the bright, breezy outdoors where children roam freely and within safe sanctuary or simply having tea or coffee with their favourite cake at the local cafes.

Retirees enjoying their evening walks while making friends with the people in their community, feeling the bright, breezy outdoors where children roam freely and within safe sanctuary or simply having tea or coffee with their favourite cake at the local cafes.

With excellent and absolutely glorious, glorious sunny and warm weather all year round with the occasional rain, you can actually do alot of things which you could not possibly do or indulge in before.  Even the occasional rain does not last long enough to put a dampener into your mood. No boots, or macs to consider bringing along, nor do you need bulky jackets or umbrella to keep by your side when you go out just in case it may rain. In Malaysia, all you need is light breezy clothes and just yourself – this spells comfort, comfort and comfort! Having a fuss-free life is certainly a change and you will notice this as you settle down into your new environment and began to enjoy the tropical weather.


Exercising or walks in the park in the evenings allow for a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The best part of Malaysia is, apart from all of its charms and strengths – the most important thing is that this country is free of natural disasters, making it one of the safest country to live in. With stable political and economic climates, and with a low cost of living that allows you to enjoy a much better quality and standard of life, Malaysia remains one of the best place to retire in. This means that you have a wide choice of activities you can embark on whether indoors or outdoors as Malaysia enjoys tropical weather where it is warm and sunny all year round with the monsoon season between October to December.

Now that you have retired and with a lot of time to spare, you suddenly have a lot of hobbies or activities which you have always wanted to do, but for whatever reason may not be able to do or been able to start. Malaysia allows you the enjoyment to embark on new hobbies and activities, indoor or outdoor which you could not have possibly been able to enjoy before if your country of origin does not have the unique and special characteristics that defines Malaysia.

If biking is for you, consider joining the bikers’ club where road trips have been made tearing down the highway from south to north of Malaysia and into Thailand and back or vice versa! There are many road trips or expeditions which you can join or better still, start your very own club!

Or if culture-exploration is for you, embark on your adventures by visiting all towns and villages in Malaysia. You will be surprised to find the different dialects and slangs the locals may have and the food the serve may be different accordingly. Tantalize your taste buds with local delicacies and feast your eyes on traditions and experience the life of the locals on a daily basis.

Malaysia is well-known for its variety of good and delicious food. The dish in this photo is called the “assam laksa”, a type of hand-made noodle dish cooked with many herbs and spices and is the signature dish from up north-west of Malaysia, typically Kedah and Penang (Penang was a part of Kedah until it was gifted to Sir Francis Light by the then Sultan of Kedah).The history of Penang is closely related to the history of the Kedah state. Penang was previously part of the sultanate of Kedah until it became a British possession in 1786.

You may want to know that every state in Malaysia has their very own signature dish for every race/place/tradition. These are the little things that make Malaysia unique and special.

In fact, speaking of food, learn how to cook local delicacies and impress your friends who come visit from your country! Collect new recipes and compile them all into a book – we are sure each recipe will have its own story to tell!

Tantalising Food For You To Indulge In and Discover


kids cycling

If you love cycling, then the Malaysian weather is perfect for you! Your children can also cycle and roam free and be in touch with the outdoors every evening rather than stay at home just watching the television or surfing the internet. Your children can experience life as proper children running free at the outdoors every day within your housing estate or in Malaysia, we call our residential home area as “Taman”.  Within the sanctuary of your Taman, you can exercise or merely relax while your children enjoy the outdoors with their favourite sports or activities first hand.

If you love the sea, get yourself a seaside homestay where you can live by the sea and have a very basic life in a fishing village. Getting back to the basic and getting inspiration by mingling with nature and the friendly locals. This may even help you to produce a best-selling book! Provided you write well, of course!


Whether you choose to relax by the highlands or simply by the sea, Malaysia has really beautiful places, in fact, some undiscovered and pristine – for your exploration, enjoyment and relaxation.

And if you are an animal lover, consider joining NGOs and animal rights groups. If you are a dog lover, consider joining the SPCA or neighbourhood communities where dog training exercises are provided in your community parks and while letting your dog off the leash and letting it make new friends, you can make new friends with your neighbours too!

park dogs

In the evenings, dog owners getting to know one another and enjoy the park together with their pets.

While at it, some young families bring along their young children to play kite, remote cars and airplanes which is a favourite past time. If you love bird-watching or dragon-boating these activities are popular too.

kite flying

Kite Flying is one of Malaysian’s favourite hobby due to the good weather,

These are just some of the things you can do while you are here. The list can be endless. To each his cup of tea. One thing is for sure though, Malaysia provides you the chance to do what you love for a fraction of costs and allows you the freedom of enjoyment you would not be able to get anywhere else in the world.

Signing off for now,

The Tropical Paradise Team