Your Application, Our Priority

Your Application, Our Priority
If you are keen to migrate or retire to Malaysia, apply to the MM2H Program whilst the Program is still in effect and enforceable with the current existing low eligibility requirements. Do CONTACT US today to find out how we can assist you towards an effective, reliable and stress-free application process and a speedy approval from the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia.
Submit complete documents required with letter of endorsements to us (if any), sign the requisite forms prepared by us and pay the application fees deposit;
Upon the filing and submission of your application – we will update you and send you a notification of the same together with an official receipt.
Upon receipt of Conditional Approval Letter, we will advise you to ensure the requirements of the second stage of application are met and pay the balance of application fees;
We will send you the Letter of Approval by the Ministry in 8 to 12 Weeks;  
We will advise you to make preparations to visit Malaysia to ensure the rest of the requirements are met.
Arrive Malaysia;
Open Fixed Deposit  account as you are required to place the MM2H Visa Fixed Deposit at the bank- we provide you with a list of local banks which we are on panel in;
Medical Check Up – Upon receipt of Medical Report, we shall submit the same to the Ministry;
Purchase of Insurance – we provide you with a list of insurance providers for the purpose of the same;
Get 10 years Multiple Re Entry Visa.
*Note: It is imperative to get your Arrival Schedule and Procedures right in order to avoid delay in securing your final application procedure. Please note than within 6 months of the receipt of your Letter of Approval from the Ministry, you are required to visit Malaysia for a few days with a minimum of a 3-days period to get your passport endorsed with the MM2H Visa stamp as well as to complete the rest of the procedures.
SETTLING DOWN – Additional Services
House Rental / Purchase – We provide you a list of properties in locations you desire to settle down in Malaysia;
House Loan / Mortgage – We provide you consultations with our panel bankers;
Duty Free Car Purchase – We provide you a list of cars and shops for you to purchase your cars;
School / College Enrolment – We assist you in recommending you a list of schools and colleges which is suitable for your children’s needs;
Business Start-Up – We provide you a complete one-stop solution centre in setting up your company, advising you on conducting business in Malaysia, tax advisory, legal matters and the like.
*Note: Please note that failure to submit proper documentation in your application may delay your application status and get rejected by the Ministry, particularly if your documents are not submitted in full nor compiled professionally and that your financial statement proofs are not genuine.