The Migration Plan

Retiring overseas and setting the migration plan into motion has always been a dream for many retirees looking for a good living lifestyle and affordability in making their new home in retiring abroad.

What one would notice foremost when they are in Malaysia is the amazing blend of diversity, fascinating culture and races all living harmoniously and the wonderful, delicious variety of food in abundance everywhere one goes. One would then notice the difference in architecture and how the buildings and homes are different in a tropical climate and of course, the amazing and fascinating culture here. If one were to visit the villages, one would then notice that it is possible to settle down in a place free of city pollution with very low cost of living. If one were to settle down in the city, one would be amazed by the many infrastructure and facilities as befitting a developed nation. If one were to visit the islands or the east coasts, one would be amazed by the absolutely beautiful beaches and clear blue sea.

It is hardly surprising that the New York Times reported that an estimated 100,000 people retired to Asia, including Malaysia in 2010. People wishes to retire abroad to Malaysia are drawn to retire here for a number of reasons.

The living expenses here is much cheaper where your home currency pays for more here where you can get most things for a fraction for what it would have costs to have similar lifestyle back in your home country. Low cost living in a first world country is a definite attraction. This allows you and affords a more than comfortable lifestyle where it could not have been achievable in your home country for similar expenses. In fact, for a lot less you could even afford domestic help in your home here and still have additional funds for your other interests or new found hobbies and activities in a tropical climate country like Malaysia.

Watch the clip below of Malaysia’s Prime Minister speech of Malaysia.

Along with a warm and sunny climate all year round and the occasional rain with the monsoon season in the months of October, November and December, it is especially suitable to retirees who want to enjoy comfortable living with their health being a priority. As you get older, medical care is something that becomes extremely important in deciding where you live and retire to.  Malaysia is home to some of the top medical facilities in the world, particularly its expertise for utilizing both modern as well as traditional medical treatments. Medical tourism in Malaysia is also an attraction due to its expertise, top of the range medical facilities and most importantly its affordability and high-quality care.

English is mainly spoken in Malaysia. Major roads signboards are in English.  Malaysia’s MM2H Visa program offers a renewable 10-year social visa to eligible applicants. This allows you to purchase or rent properties and it’s best to get a lawyer or solicitor to assist you in your property purchase transactions or mortgage applications. Being a developed country, Malaysia has secure banking and financial institutions where you can do all your banking with ease and even from the comfort of your home online. With such a big move,  as part of your migration plan, it is important to decide where you wish to settle down in Malaysia, and our consultant are here to give you free consultation on your options and show you what those options may entail.

If you’re still considering calling Malaysia your home, come and visit!

We can make arrangements to show you how Malaysia can be your new home, to let you get a feel and that living in a tropical country with a good living standard can actually be a dream come true. Malaysia is a beautiful place with warm people. It’s culturally and ethnically diverse, and it’s completely different from anything that you will experience anywhere else.