Migration Options

1 malaysiaThank you for dropping by our website. Whether you have dropped by our page by design or stumble upon us, you would have had either migration, relocation or retirement plans in mind. Perhaps you are now exploring having a vacation or second home in a safe and developed tropical climate country.

Apart from being transferred here by virtue of your career or you have landed yourself an employment with an organization which applied for your work permit, your may relocate to Malaysia by two options. One is by applying for a permanent residency, or secondly, by application to become an MM2H Visa holder. 

If you are thinking of applying for a permanent residency in Malaysia, we hope you will find the below information on the application of permanent residency and entry permit useful. These guidelines and requirements are issued by the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

The other option you may want to explore is to apply for the Malaysia My Second Home Program Visa (MM2H) subject to your eligibility and the fulfillment of the requirements to be a successful applicant. We have listed out in several relevant sections the process flow and the requirements to be an applicant. We provide consultation and are an authorized agency arm of the  Ministry of Tourism to assist you in your application towards acquiring the MM2H Visa. Please take some time to explore our website and find out more how the MM2H Visa is suitable and viable for you, how it works and if you are eligible. The Malaysian government currently is supportive of expats migrating to the country and while this system and policy is still in place, contact us today in order for us to make it happen sooner for your migration or retirement plan to be put in motion. We have strong ties and working relationship with the Ministry of Tourism and as such, would be able to ensure your application goes smoothly and worry-free.