Congratulations to Mr. Dai & Family for approval of MM2H Visa!

Our management is pleased to announce that this is one of our approvals for one of our client and his family,  Mr. Dai from China where MM2H Visa has been granted to Mr. Dai Wei Dong, his spouse and 2 children successfully this month.

DWD.jpg (F)

One of our approved MM2H Visa above. If all requirements are met, we have 100% approval rate.

For the month of August and to commerate Merdeka’s day special, we are pleased to have the following promotion effective 1st August 2014 to 15th of September 2014:-

(1)   Processing application for MM2H Visa for whole family (regardless of number of persons) for only RM10,000 with no additional charges for children from beginning until approval is granted and MM2H Visa is out;

(2)  Processing of car purchase applications and assisting to purchase insurance policy – free of charge;

(3)  Opening of Fixed Deposit account within one (1) hour – free of charge;

(4)  Processing your mortgage and housing loan application and your buying of properties in Malaysia – as per fees incurred by regulatory, legal and banking fees.

For more information, please email or call +603 6205 5333 for more details.

Warmest regards,

Tropical Paradise (MM2H) Sdn Bhd Team

One response to “Congratulations to Mr. Dai & Family for approval of MM2H Visa!

  1. Thanks for being so helpful with all the application process. We do not know what we would do without your team! Everyone is so nice and friendly despite us being so far away. Thank you for being there for us until we got our Visas!

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